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I have been asked to share more about the area I will serve and who I am ...Taking the time to share this beautiful friday early in the morning when I do my best work and enjoy an espresso quietly all before I start the day.I love early mornings!!!!Let me share ....I have been feet on the ground through the whole storm - helping neighbours - sharing information- assisting a community association in my area - driving the whole ward stopping and talking to people- attending community association meetings to really understand the issues. I am getting to understand and also seeing just how different things are in Kars /North Gower/ Ashton/Fallowfield village/ Burritts Rapids / Richmond/ Manotick. See a photo of our ward. It's a huge one with a lot of gravel pits, roads and trucks.A commonality I am seeing for myself when. I visit each area first hand is traffic /roads /trucks /children and seniors safety and health.First I am a mom to three amazing kids aged 7,13 & 14. I have two boys and a step daughter. We reside in Munster and they share homes in Barrhaven Half Moon Bay and Riverside South. Our travels take us throughout the city and we have first hand experience of other neighbouring issues because of our frequency within them and the feedback our children provide keeping us in the loop.

I am also a mom to two special little fur babies - Bella( recently said goodbye to )  the Yorkie and Lily our yellow Lab. We understand schools - school busses- safety and crossings- pathways and winter navigation and roads. In addition to being an active member in dozens of community pages where I continually monitor and participate within. We also have lived all around the city I have made a previous post to that effect. In a condensed version and without this being a resume let me recap briefly for those new to me and who I am. All my other friends this will be nothing new to you as I have shared a ton over the years. I value openly sharing, connections and act with great vulnerability as I share to let others in and welcome the journey we take together. I bring 20 years working within Health Canada regulating pharmaceutical and medical device companies at as well as a programs analyst for BGTD Biologics and later was offered a position at RCMP.I am also a small business owner for the last decade and head up an award winning corporation and multiple award nominee across Canada. As a goal setter I can be found fearlessly putting in the hardwork necessary to accomplish the goals. Over the last two years have I ever been tested with my team quitting, dozens on dozens of clients to be served I without hesitation rounded up everything I needed to do the job..I had a company to run, clients who depended on me and a family to provide for I wasn't going to give up!!!Two years later I have done it with some modifications and created yet again a company and systems that work for me to be managing and performing both in a d on the company. It is not a multiple six figure corporation as it was but it is great where it is with just me!!! I have done some unimaginable work in the residential cleaning industry solo! Everything in life is about timing..


After losing both of my dad's - step dad and biological father in 2020 from Cancer and Cardiac Arrest my purpose and passion has changed. My sense of urgency elevated and my desire to help more people in a bigger way means this Role as Council will allow me to do that where I live in a city I have called home since 1997.Having moved from Georgetown to Carleton University Residence in Ottawa my intent was focused on studying Law and Sociology and becoming a police officer. Instead I immediately obtained a program manager position at Health Canada.I have been in policing my whole life through coops in highschool at Halton Hills, Volunteering for Ottawa Police department and being in Race Relations and Diversity leading up a schools program, being a coordinator at the provincial court house in Victim Witness Services and later to go on and become a Director of Safety and Part of Ottawa's Executive Neighbourhood Watch Executive Committee formulating plans and literature for the overall program in Ottawa. Multiple Award Winner for City of Ottawa Civic Awards.For anyone who does know me knows I am a action taker with a huge heart and a yellow heart will follow. I work without delay, I take action on issues I am familiar with and seek solutions, I am forever trying to involve others for I also understand the power of teams and numbers.I also understand I can't do this alone and will need residents in the ward actively communication and sharing with me to help me as I help them the best I can by brining motions to the City Table.When I say together - I mean the voices of those in my Ward and who I represent. I want to hear from and participate in significant events and community meetings and be of service within this role as councillor.Feel free to also reach out any time.I have a page dedicated to the campaignEmail created electpattysearl@gmail.comOr pm me hereHappy to connect, listen and help the best I can with what limited information I have of the Ward at this time.When elected happy to share my findings in an open and transparent involved manner with those in my ward.

Transit & LRT


I understand the commitment and investment Ottawa has made with the LRT and I have followed the stories in the media , watched councillor meetings on zoom and heard all the jokes, criticisms and understand the anger alos of residents have too!!We need a reliable, organized means of transportation in our City that works and will be a dependable mode of transportation when people drop their kids off a school drive to a busy park and Ride and trust their bus will be on time to catch both trains into the City.On the flip side I also have a decade of knowledge about how OCtranspo works. The booking, scdhueling, drivers struggles and culture.I have had friends who worked there and also a partner who has endured it all from bus to train to communications.I have seen the personal side, the dedication and commitment to do everything humanly possible with so much time poured into making this work.As an elected councillor I bring so many hats to the role as a rider to Tunney's Pasture and scurrying to hurry home to grab my boys from EDP and Montessori along with being a wife of a Octranspo Employee.The long hours, the shift work, the split shifts and the stories of so many drivers backpacking in a hurry to grab their next connecting shuttle or bus to and from different runs and fill ins.I look forward to assisting and finding better ways to do things and be a voice that brings a different perspective about operations.

Patty Searl

— platform priorities

Part of the work I have been doing all weekend and into to includes putting the final touches on my priorities and platform to share. I forgot one more and added it within,

Roads and Safer intersections - I will be a strong advocate for funds to be redistributed from urban to rural for significant road improvements and make recommendations to increase the size of shoulder to accommodate bikes and walkers with a mission to seek ways through our ward where we can establish a link between communities for bikers, e-bikes and scooters, runners and dog walkers.

People move to rural Ottawa and understand some roads are heavily used for trucks, geared to higher speed and are highly populated as a ways to get to and from with nill to no safe shoulder like our urban partners. We also know there needs to be significant improvements to intersections like Century Rd, Bridge and Main, Munster and Franktown.

We need increased signage and road pain, along with speed monitors and cameras in some places. We need safer roads as we have a significant number of families and children in our ward who rely on school buses and require multiple stops along very busy roads. We can do much better with how we highlight problem areas to decrease risk and we also can do a better job with increased visibility in many intersections.

Safer roads also means monitoring and reducing speed where necessary. Increased police presence also to monitor speeding in the ward will be top of mind. I hope to work very closely with Policing Partners and participate on the many Policing Committees to keep our Ward Safe. Safety and Security and working with OPS to ensure our rural roads and residents are safe, our hamlets and villages have increased visibility and become a member of the community who is known and serves as a community liaison contact for us.

Assist with reporting and recommendations to keep the ward safer and provide data to Community Associations on a regular basis. I also seek to assist the OPS with continual improvements and find ways to improve relations with the public and improve their reporting practices so that more investigations are streamlined to other investigative parties aside from internal. I will be speaking on this in the near future once I have a report done for OPS - Coalition Association.


I also am interested in working closely with Transit- improved routes and increased to allow more of our rural residents the opportunity to conveniently hop on a bus to locations of their choice if they wish. I also would like to participate more on the transit committee if I can and make recommendations for consideration as I have significant knowledge of how many systems and processes are managed.


Community Involvement- My commitment to work with many of the wards associations who do incredible work with events, community centers, and fiscal management with some assistance from the city to fund their projects for improvement, recreation activities to their communities members and be a strong small business advocate and ensure they obtain the cities full support for success while encouraging residents to continue to shop local more than ever.


I will continue to work with Community Associations and Residents to ensure youth have centers available where they can call a place of their own and safe. In addition to working with young families and ensuring they have upgraded play structures and splash pads like the urban communities and new developments have been implemented within but absent or nil in existence in our ward. Many have asked for a skateboard park too and a safe off leash dog park in other areas within the ward. I also would like to see more movie in the parks, markets and crafter events, paint events in the park, bbq's and communities coming together more- there is an absence of many of these things in many parts of the ward.


Small Businesses and Attract Retain and Support new entrepreneurs - I will commit to assisting, promoting and encouraging rural village and hamlet set ups like I tried so hard to propose when the Munster Community Association VP. There are many areas available for new businesses to set up and local communities need to be ready to support and encourage them to step foot into their zone and try. We need more courageous independent entrepreneurs to join in and flourish outside the City. A hub that communities and residents gravitate to and attract urban friends to gravitate to and support on weekends. We need more general cafes, and stores where people find wonderful local crafts and accessories along with incredible coffee and pastries with a free wifi network and people stopping in and feeling part of something bigger.


I have been a Small business owner for a decade and a contributing partner to other business owners with a great understanding of the community and sharing to increase visibility and efforts to attract or divert more customers to support local. City Councillors have a commitment to ensure the success of the brick and mortar establishments and their efforts to contribute to the city.


Rural and Agricultural preservations while keeping a close eye on some development that is occurring within ward #21 and becoming home to many new residents who are asking for more amenities. Families are feeling left out and having to travel significantly to neighbouring shopping centers and stores for everyday essentials and goods. With development there also needs to be a plan on how to serve the new people choosing a rural community as home while also preserving as much of our farmland and agriculture way of life so that it does not become fully consumed. In addition there also needs to be a concrete plan on how to link new with older. I see a huge safety issue from Fox Run into Richmond forcing many to walk a muddy path into the main part of the village.

I will monitor this to ensure improvements and proper sidewalks are available in addition to safe pedestrian crossovers from one side to the other. Work hard to find other ways to increase funding necessary to support the rural needs without increasing taxes. Families and seniors in our communities are sharing how they just can't handle any more increases and as a family of 3-5 with our blended family comes together we completely understand the struggles a lot of people have. I will pursue funding through future city budgets, federal and provincial grants, and other partnership opportunities. Reduce - recycle and - reuse I would like to see many more pop up reusing facilities and reducing as much waste as we can as the Trail Road facility( partnering on the Barrhaven East side and across the road from a huge residential development who needs to be protected from fumes given off from the dump hills. This facility is in our Ward and we can not keep disposing and expanding in that area. There has to be more diverted and perhaps sold to other recycling facilities for a fee and allowing the city to use those fees to assist our reduce measures and programs to increase the green bin program to more and encourage more alternatives. On the topic of environment I am a huge advocate of eco-friendly cleaning practices and alternative methods. Since many of our rural homes are reliant on wells, septic, heat pumps and geothermal for heating or propane and oil we must seek safer products like plant derivative and non-toxic to also preserve our water table and it's just a healthier change over. I have been an advocate for change in the home for a decade and know proven methods that work from trial and error. We live in the country and this is top of mind for how we live within the city as active members of change.


I also will work closely to understand Hydro Ottawa's Infrastructure and work to learn the systems vulnerabilities and find the means to ensure consistency in serve and help communities with a community and city plan so that the vulnerable are never impacted as they were and if ever we encounter storms like we had this past year that all rural phone hubs have the generators they need and city stations be set up at community centers for water and essential items. Working closely with community association boards on an emergency back up plan - be ready for the unexpected and be stocked and available to open immediately and assist without delay.


School Safety Zones: I have heard too many stories of near misses and with our own children in Barrhaven , Riverside South and Richmond all school zones that our children pass through are a particular interest to me. I want to ensure increased visibility, reduced speed on certain hours with increased in patrolling on off peak periods for after hours pick up and drop offs for EDP and children along with families still travelling to and from school and home safely.


Particular interest in working with School Transportation Companies to ensure they have the means to deliver on their commitment to get all kids to school safely and on time. I am particularly interested in a buffer school safe zone at drop off and pick up and more kiss and rides implemented to keep traffic flowing like our urban partners have. With communities growing and schools increasing in numbers I will be monitoring this topic more closely.


Health Hub Center - To assist and reduce the need for local hospitals I would like to see a health hub centre set up in our ward. I know Richmond Medical Center and Manotick Medical centers are doing all they possibly can but a few satellite centres which encompass the services from QCH and Cheo can largely assist our huge ward and the growing concern over doctor shortages or ability to retain a family doctor forcing many to emergency rooms unnecessarily.


I will echo Glen Gower to this end and be in support of another center as he describes in our Ward - Health Hub established in Stittsville. It’s an innovative health care model that would bring a wide range of specialized and community healthcare services all under one roof. All residents, from newborns to seniors, would have access to integrated programs close to home. We can bring together a range of services from hospitals like the Queensway-Carleton Hospital and CHEO, and other partners like Ottawa Public Health or the Youth Service Bureau. These partners could offer specialized clinics, rehabilitation, medical imaging, mental health support, and more. For example: Instead of traveling across town to the Riverside or General for specialized eye care, these services could operate out of a Stittsville Health Hub for one or two days per week. Local, convenient health care. I’m inspired by the Orleans Health Hub, a successful project that recently opened in the east end and pictured below. Note- I also want to monitor more at home end of life decisions some individuals have to make. As a certified end of life specialist I am hearing more want choice and more local doulas and services to assist with tough decisions.


Interest in more - Pet Emergency Mobile Services, support rural animals in need care and cruelty situations that require Human Society and bylaw intervention. I also will encourage more mobile pet care centres and veterinarians in the ward. Many too are at capacity and having recently made a decision to put down our 14 year old Yorkie named Bella we asked a Mobile vet in the Ottawa Area to assist at home. It was like no other experience and made for a more respectful and necessary decision within the home. I want more to have this option. I also want to ensure any cruelty is reported and interventions occur immediately. I will support by-law initiatives.


Respectively I have covered all the topics that touch on and impact those in our ward. No doubt there will be more but for now this is where I sit on many of these topics.


Thank you for showing up on my page and continuing to be informed

.Patty Searl

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