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Patty Searl


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Public Service- Leadership - Experience brought to the Role!

Someone in your community working for you with the experience from the Federal Government, being a CEO+ founder of an  Award Winning Small Business and significant experience in community associations. No stranger to how the City works and involvement on many safety and security initiatives- crown attorney office, victim witness services and neighborhood watch.

Many people are asking what they can do to help me get elected and to be someone who can assist with a cultural improvement and change the direction of municipal politics.

The city has done great work to date but there is much missing and it's that the culture has allowed many things to just proceed with acceptance and little accountability.

I hope to be someone who will be elected and help change that with the new Mayor and many new colleagues around the City Councilor's table accomplished together over the last four years.


You can visit Elect Patty Searl Facebook page to follow along and learn more about my opinions and priorities - today and make a contribution, or sign up to volunteer. Every little bit counts!

You can count on me - let me know if I can count on you!

I can't do it alone and don't intend on it.

I want you to join me in the journey to Elections in 46 days.


01. Safety & Security

OPS - Ottawa Police Service ( no defunding - reopen Community Policing Centres) Increase Presence

02. School Safety Zones and Traffic Calming

03. LRT - Rural Needs- Options


04. Roads and Infrastructure- Safer Intersections

-options for alternative routes for heavy vehicles


05. Rural Services- Hydro Continuity


06. Emergency Preparedness Planning In the Ward ( Community Centres better prepared)


07. Water and Sewage Concerns with Development

- Garbage and Recycling Plans


08. Waste Management Divergence Projects


09. Climate

-Agriculture preservation

-Modes of transportation in the ward



10. Energy and Retrofitting - Solar and Wind( monitoring )  


Time for a New Face in Ward #21.


Committees of Interest:

-Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee

-Community and Protective Services Committee

-Standing Committee on Environmental Protection, Water and Waste Management

-Planning Committee

-Transportation Committee

-Transit Commission

-Built Heritage Sub-Committee



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