Coaching Program - Can I save you a seat at the table?

We can always make the table bigger......

  • Site Meetings In Ottawa
  • Additional locations  will become available
  • On-line Meetings and Live Calls
  • On-line Community Involvement and Engagement

Trust in your Potential

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PlayBook - for your business

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How did you come here, why are you here and what does this mean to you!

This Coaching Program is not just about Cleaning it has a lot to do with processing who you are, your values and beliefs and your reason why. We will touch on life coaching along with how to set up a Residential Cleaning Company that truly represents you and your uniqueness! It will allow you to have a clear vision and message for your Company and everything you create moving forward - tools in your backpack !!

Professional Designed Plan

Many Components of this training will touch on how to create a successful company and you will have Tried, Tested and True experiences to help guide you and a coach that will be available for Q& A along the way.



Focusing on the clients for a decade it only now makes sense to help out those within my own community. I want others to collaborate and assist with questions and constructive solutions that our students can try and learn.

A Community Made up of the Same Industry Friends

Easy to customize templates

You will obtain templates and learn how to create your own when you need it and share.


Essential for this New Endeavor to work

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